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A second income or retirement!

While many here prefer to look at SFI as a second income, yes extra money is nice every month, but I mainly look at SFI as a retirement fund. Let's look at some numbers. Many people will start or join an online business thinking they will get quick rewards. There is still the advertising, building and funding your business. Wait, what? I need to spend money to earn money? Absolutely not! It can all be done absolutely FREE, but it may take longer. This depends on each individual and their experience.

Thus bringing me to the Retirement end of the process. Would you pay to fund your own retirement package? Most of us already do through our place of work. So let's say you are funding for your retirement. Where you work, one of the programs was funded by $10 a week out of your payroll. The company matched. Add these together for 35 years and there is your monthly retirement pay out. Wow, Cool! That might have worked in the 70's, but prices have…