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Why SFI Works For Some& Not For Others Which will it be for you?

When listening to other SFI affiliates on forums, conference calls, and e-mail, you hear SFI success stories and you hear wailings of dismay. Which ones are true? Both! Here's why: SFI works, if you...yes, YOU... A. Do a little work, B. Make a tiny commitment, and C. Do your small part each and every month. Simple as A, B, C! Don't follow this simple plan, and you'll find yourself among the wailers. Commit your efforts to your SFI business and, very soon, you could have your own SFI success story to share with others. That's because you'll have a plan, a pattern to go by. Follow the path, the instructions, the recipe, and consistently and persistently duplicate the efforts of others who succeed...and the chances are excellent that you too will succeed! Don't do your small part, and you're on your own. And it's quite likely you will fail. Why? People who join an opportunity and the…

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