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NO Earthly Idea

SFI and any other online business is going to require time and money.
You are fooling yourself to think otherwise.

Most people jump from program to program thinking that the fault is in the program or the compensation plan or my sponsor is not supporting me properly yet profiting off of my efforts.
Now just to set the record straight unless you are one of the 2 percenters that are killing it in SFI then NO ONE is profiting from your efforts!!!!

There are tons of opportunities online and they all are basically alike except in this one element to the equation that makes all of the difference in the world - YOU!
No opportunity can guarantee success because it is up to YOU.
No opportunity is going to work until YOU do.
No one is going to profit from your efforts until YOU do.
That's all based on YOU.

However there is something to be said about different aspects of the comp plan, registration fees, products, and services.
This is what I can tell you. Regardless of the comp plan, or the…