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Offline and online recruiting

Offline and online recruiting are like a 'Play' and a 'Movie'. 

A Play directly interacts with the viewers (limited number of interested people) and the results are instant. 
In case of a movie, they have viewers from far and wide, in huge numbers but you cannot see or measure the response of the viewers immediately. 

A play's effect has a limited time span, that's you get the response only when the drama or the play is live. 
But in case of the movie, they release on different part of the world from time to time through various media and you get numerous viewers again and again! 

Offline recruiting give you an instant result; either positive or negative (most of the time) and the conversion rate is much better than the online recruiting. 
You get some quality affiliates, more loyal than unknown online recruits. But if your presentation is bad the result will be fatal, like in the case of a play! 
The time taken for recruiting a good team is considerably long and the …