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Best Knowledge Based Tools

One of the best knowledge based tools for our SFI and TripleClicks business is the forum that was created for the SFI affiliates.

The easiest way to learn new things is to read all you can and our forum has posts listed that can answer almost every question you could come up with when needing an answer to something that has you stumped.

I would like to say that even if there were no points awarded for visiting the forum daily I would still visit the forum 3 or 4 times a day. If you are visiting the forum just for the single VersaPoint each day then that is all you will gain from using the forum – 1 point

To gain the most from the forum each day I purposely look for posts that will help me in building my SFI and TripleClicks business. When I find some new information that will help me or my team in having better success in what I am doing I will copy the information and put it in a file using windows. When I copy the post I will include who wrote the post and the link in where to find…

Use your smartphone to build a Work From Home-online business

SFI is a legitimate successful internet marketing business and can now be YOUR business AND you receive a paycheck from the first day you log in and work.

Imagine you are a new owner of a brick and mortar business.
(Did you know that a business franchise now costs at least $30,000?!)

For your new business, you will need:
1) Technical know-how to be able to run it and/or schooling to learn how. One year of business school is at least $150,000
2) More capital to pay for inventory, employees, rent, insurance, workers comp, utilities, advertising, etc.
3) On average, most new businesses take at least 5 - 7 years to make a PROFIT. This means you receive NO paycheck, but must keep paying out for the period of time it takes me make a profit.

With SFI all the tools and techniques are provided for you instantly!
You have FREE marketing tools and FREE courses that teach everything you need to know to make money.
You will not have to worry about, Inventory, deliveries, utilities, employees, or …