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Listening Can Make You Rich!

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by Dave Klaybor Lets define LISTENING as it applies to your network marketing business: Listening is not just HEARING, it is...A method of tuning in to the communication process initiated during your business activities.

The art of applying oneself to hearing something from another person in hopes of sponsoring them or retailing your product.

To place your undivided attention to something important to your business survival.

To take notice or heed some communication with another so as not to waste your time or theirs.

A listening post: a strategic position for gathering information. I love this last point.It is extremely important for you to visualize yourself as the person in charge of manning the "listening post" oppo…

Lead by example

Posted by: Fabrizio P France E365 Champion Gold Fast-Track All successful people know that in this kind of business it is essential to lead by example.

So if you are seriouslyCOMMITTED(not just interested in) to making big money with this business, you need to start with the right foot since the very first month, in order to set the example that your future Affiliates will have to follow.

Hence you’d better decide what kind of personal story you want to build for yourself, depending on what you expect from your team of Affiliates.

What do you expect from your future teammates? Something like:"signup, accumulate some VersaPoints to qualify as EA, and never spend or invest a dime in your SFI business"?

Well, then do that yourself too. The problem is that if you spend/invest nothing in your business, how can you tell your teammates to do it? So your team will do exactly the same as you, and your monthly income will be insignificant or close to zero until the day …

Swimming, Drowning, or Treading Water?

William R. I
United States
E365 Champion
Gold Fast-Track

Today as I was preparing for a short Team Mail, the thought that came into my mind was this thing called "treading water". My self-talk was around the idea if it would be a GOOD thing to be treading water, and my conclusion was that it CAN be.

For those of you that have ever done much swimming you know that making it from point A to point B is success. Everyone knows that drowning is NOT a good thing, and that a drowning person can be their own worst enemy when someone is trying to save them. Treading water (swimming just enough to keep your head above water) could have saved many, if they didn't panic.

This analogy can also be applied to our business. We dive into this opportunity and some swim in it just fine. They are like fish, swimming circles around everyone else that's in the water. These are olympic quality swimmers, few in number, but the envy of all!

Then there are the drowners. These people often di…