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How to spread the word about SFI

Beginner Tell your friends and family to check out TripleClicks at: Beginner Refer friends and family to specific URLs of individual products. You can find a URL to a given product within the SFI Affiliate tab on each product's details page. Beginner Share information about TripleClicks products via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites you visit. Just click the "Share It!"button on each product's details page and follow the instructions. Be sure you're logged into, so your SFI ID will be attached to your shared information and you will receive credit for sales. Beginner Add a signature that promotes TripleClicks to your e-mail. Most modern e-mail browsers allow you to set up a "signature" that gets automatically appended to every e-mail you send out. Chooseone of these text adsto use for your signature. Beginner Sendone of these TripleClick…

How to make EA in a Month

1) First go through Launchpad lessons and review them. by reviewing each launchpad lesson you will get 5 VP's so total for 61 lessons you will get(61*5)=305 VP's 2) Try to complete tasks in To-Do list 3) review each tab and turns them green daily 4) Buy and sell TripleClicks product to get more VP's and MRP's 5) Build your downline i.e. refer people to SFI 6) Go through Forum daily to learn most of the things and take advice from TL or Upline
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Also this my help you19 ways you can earn VersaPoints for free
And this is great solution toGenerating TripleClicks Sales
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Learn more about increasing your VersaPointsHERE
Please read theTrainingsection also. You will understand what to do when you Read the Instructions.

SFI Affiliates living in India

Gyanendra P
India I am in SFI for over 2 years now. Initially when I had joined SFI I was also thinking same as you whether the products can be shipped to India or not. For experimenting purposes I bought one product and wanted to see if the product could arrive or not. I waited for a long time as it was from an ECA outside of India. To my surprise it arrived on time as stated in the Shipping column. I was very happy for getting the product and showed to every one in my neighborhood and to my friends and relatives. Yes products do reach to India from TripleClicks. From overseas ECAs, understandably, it takes more time. Nowadays I order at least one physical product every month from Indian ECAs. These products take less time to reach my house, usually within a week to 10 days.

There are many ECAs in India who are selling physical as well as electronic products mainly E Books and website related products. These are really good and professional ECAs. Just look for them in Trip…