Supreme Moisturizing Heel Balm - Banana Extract

Supreme Moisturizing Heel Balm - Banana Extract 

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To relieve cracked heels, effectively helps heal, repair, and moisture and soothe cracked heels. lt provides comfort by reducing roughness and by sealing moisture onto the cracked skin. Fast relief In 3 days.

Material: Extracted Banana peel , Vaseline , paraffin , Vitamin E ,Olive oil and others. Size: 20 g.

About the Product
Banana peel extract helps heal the cracks in your heals. Making them both attractive and comfortable
Ingredient : Banana extract, Olive Oil, Vaseline, Vitamin E and Herbs.
The skin is smooth Soft. You'll see see results within 3 days.

Instruction : 
1.Clean your feet. 
2.Apply cream on cracked heel 2 times daily with short massage.


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