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The Triangle of Success

Randy I
United States E365 Champion Gold Fast-Track
This business is complex combination of Triangles. The 3 points of the Triangle are SFI, The Sponsor, and the PSA. You can see here how I address that in an email to a new PSA that was seeking assistance:

Yes, Have you read through the LaunchPad?
The LaunchPad will help teach you how to employ the
You should also know that there are certain "Rules" of

Strong Future International (SFI) is not a soup kitchen for the needy, but rather a Platform of Hope for those willing to work for their dreams!

SFI will supply professional Training Materials.
SFI will supply a Home Base to manage your signups.
SFI will supply a replicated website
SFI will supply Banners, text ads, and many various methods to recruit.
SFI will supply the handling of funds coming in to you.

I will supply answers to your questions, or find…

Why SFI Works for some

Why SFI Works For Some
& Not For Others Which will it be for you? Thanks to Bill Alland

When listening to other SFI affiliates on forums, conference calls, and e-mail, you hear SFI success stories and you hear wailings of dismay. Which ones are true? Both! Here's why: SFI works, if you...yes, YOU... A. Do a little work, B. Make a tiny commitment, and C. Do your small part each and every month. Simple as A, B, C! Don't follow this simple plan, and you'll find yourself among the wailers. Commit your efforts to your SFI business and, very soon, you could have your own SFI success story to share with others. That's because you'll have a plan, a pattern to go by. Follow the path, the instructions, the recipe, and consistently and persistently duplicate the efforts of others who succeed...and the chances are excellent that you too will succeed! Don't do your small part, and you're on …

Get up to Speed with Bitcoin


How To Make Money With SFI (Part II)

In Part I of this series, we talked about quickly earning money with Direct Commissions. In Part II we're going to take a look at another revenue stream that I feel is a great, un-tapped resource for those just getting started - the ECA Referral Program. While this is actually listed fifth on the Compensation Plan (, I feel it's a great opportunity for the following reasons:

1. You're signing up merchants who have a vested interest in selling their products or services online.
2. You're offering them a way to market their goods and services at little to no cost to them.
3. Rather than prospecting someone who is already in another network marketing company, offer them a TripleClicks storefront to sell their products!

So now, let's take a look at how the ECA Referral Program works:

"Make referrals to the TripleClicks E-Commerce Associate (ECA) Program and earn VersaPoints and lucrative royalties for life!

Earning Money Quickly

Sometimes SFI can seem overly complicated. While it is very important to go through the LaunchPad lessons, I also understand the desire to start earning money as quickly as possible. There are six different ways to make money with SFI (as seen in the Compensation

However, for the purpose of earning money quickly, nothing beats Direct Commissions. Let's take a quick look...

"Each time an SFI affiliate that you have personally sponsored–OR a TC member that you have personally referred–places an order at, you earn 45% of the CV.

SFI's Direct Commission program is powerful because once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life!* SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost to you, and pays you a Direct Commission for every order placed by your members and affiliates for life!*

Special Note: For purchases by personally referred TC member…

“Do You Like To Fish?”

Donald K
United States
Gold Fast-Track
Bronze Team Leader

I was sitting with an old fishing buddy of mine one day, having a couple of cocktails, and talking about some old times, and some not so old times.

We talked for hours about all the usual “Guy” stuff.
Women, work, fishing, cars, sports......Well, you get the picture.

At one point in the conversation, the subject of the law came up, and how many times each of us had gotten into trouble throughout our lives.
As for my side of it, I can honestly say that the only trouble I have ever had was minor in nature. Traffic violations.

I knew he had his fair share of violations as well, and as he was telling me about one particular instance, I started to laugh at him.
What?!?! It was funny!!

Here's the story that he told me.....

He was on his way to work one morning. The speed limit on the particular stretch of highway he was on was 65mph.
To be fair, who does the speed limit these days anyway?

So, traffic was moving along at a prett…