The Triangle of Success

Randy I

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This business is complex combination of Triangles. The 3 points of the Triangle are SFI, The Sponsor, and the PSA. You can see here how I address that in an email to a new PSA that was seeking assistance:

Yes, Have you read through the LaunchPad?
The LaunchPad will help teach you how to employ the
You should also know that there are certain "Rules" of

Strong Future International (SFI) is not a soup kitchen for the needy, but rather a Platform of Hope for those willing to work for their dreams!

SFI will supply professional Training Materials.
SFI will supply a Home Base to manage your signups.
SFI will supply a replicated website
SFI will supply Banners, text ads, and many various methods to recruit.
SFI will supply the handling of funds coming in to you.

I will supply answers to your questions, or find an answer.
I will supply weekly tips and suggestions.
I will supply occasional incentives as a reward for your efforts.
I will supply council to strategy, and long-term goals if desired.

You must supply desire.
You must supply persistence.
You must supply investment of time and/or money.
You must supply patience.

This is a Business Platform. When you pursue an income through this platform it can lead to a very rewarding financial life, eventually. Like any business, you are not likely to get rich quick. If you do YOUR part, you can rest assured that we are doing OUR part, and you WILL succeed!


Unknown said…
At the very minimum we have SFI + our own dedication. With SFI providing the tools and training, anyone seeking success working from home can certainly find it.

With James as the 3rd part of the triangle, I feel very confident that success is secure!

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