Rise up like a Phoenix

Maree Wells  
New Zealand
E365 Runner Up

Gold Fast-Track

SFI. Starting 2017 Right... Maree's Words of encouragement.
I thought I would share the information I just shared with my team.

At SFI if your sponsor is not communicating.
YOU can always check SFI Forum for tips and ideas.

Start 2017 RIGHT > Wipe the slate clean and start this year FRESH.....
Personally I feel you need to lead by example.
I would not expect any of my team to do anything I am not doing.

You need to start with A Daily Planner from the the very first month. 
Setting the example that your future Affiliates will follow.
Put YOUR Plan Of PLAY Into Action. Share with your team.
So they can duplicate the same system.

Here is my story:

“I started my SFI business in 2011... Participating ! Learning ! enjoying what I was reading.
Putting all their suggestions into action. Ready to put my long term goals into action....
Then sadly the Christchurch Earthquakes STRUCK!

I was unable to log into SFI due to No Internet, No Home, Total confusion.
I lost my whole team. My SFI account become inactive.
I forgot all about my SFI account due to the massive changes in my life.

Then one day I received An Email Saying I had sold a skirt Via my ECA Store.
Can you imagine my surprise, I had to cancel the order as all my stock had been destroyed.
I sent in a support ticket to SFI explaining the situation asking them to cancel all my product listings.
I reactivated my SFI account in 2013.. I started to sew and make new stock to list at my ECA Store.

Deciding instead of re-opening another shop.
I started building and started over from scratch. I have not looked back.

I have logged in every day since reactivating my account in 2013. 
Over the years I have worked hard to find the best of the best,.
Wasting thousands of dollars and hours testing the good from the bad. 
What sites to avoid and what sites to join to promote and build my SFI Team.. 

Before joining any site to promote SFI. 
I always do a google search to see what other on line people's views are...
As there are way to many online scam, and simply false hype. 

I have come up with a system so unique, so powerful...
I have trouble handling the influx of new down-line members in my organization....
If my team at SFI simply do what I am doing -- Duplicating and Communicating with me.
Then I REWARD them sharing our new PSA members with members in my SFI Down line.
Training 5 and supporting them to achieve SFI Team Leader. They teach these 5.
Then I move on to the next 5 members. So on and so on. 
We get a great chain reaction happening 10 levels deeps as all my team duplicate the same system. 

If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business.
You've come to the right place...
It takes experience - which can take you years to develop...
or... which can be provided to you FREE.
You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype. 
Or Simply follow The SFI Free Monthly Plan they will provide to you.
Check your emails daily and Follow the instructions. 

Yes I also started as a newbie with no understanding of SFI.
Remember it takes time to build a successful business.
This is the plan I put into place to get a better understanding on how to build your SFI Business.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg. 
It is so sad when I see members giving up before even starting.
Expecting everything for nothing without the involvement or participation.

TRIPLE CLICKS! Did you know, our store is your personal store?
As an SFI affiliate, you are more than a customer! You are our partner.
To sell all our items, simply add your SFI id where you see the XXXXX.
Internet garage sell Join in now! 
You can then share it with your potential customers in many different ways.
Including e-mail, social media network, blog post, and many other ways.
By purchasing your shampoo, vitamins, electronics, clothing, gifts...etc you are in turn, supporting YOUR OWN business.
While introducing your family and friends also to this great business opportunity FREE.
NO out of pocket expenses as you will be purchasing what is already added to your house hold budget.

HOW To Find your Triple click Gateway Links.
Log into SFI click the WEE Man Icon.
Scroll down and click gateway to find.

Most important Introduce yourself to your Sponsor.
I set up Monthly Rewards Via my Leadership board.
So check your sponsors leadership board.

Start your Journey in 2017.


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