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George M. 
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There are three helpful keys that apply to your SFI business weather you are recruiting SFI affiliates (PSAs), making sales in TripleClicks by recruiting new Members (PRMs) or promoting the E-Commerce Associate (ECA) opportunity. You need people to talk to.

Key #1 – Lead Generation Systems

It’s a given that every networker needs a steady stream of qualified, interested leads that they can market to. If they don’t have good leads, nothing else is going to happen. Most networkers try to go after their friends and family as “leads”, and this ultimately leads to stagnation in their team. The reason is clear – there are only so many friends and family members to go around, and continuing to chase them after they have given you an answer is usually a waste of time and energy.

If you don’t have a lead generation system that is bringing you qualified, interested leads, it will be hard to ever get any traction with your business.

How can you generate leads?
1. Advertise Locally you are in Business. Use SFI Fliers, business cards, Wave3 Stickers, Gift Cards and other ways of saying, "I am in business, talk to me." One thing I did that has worked well, I offered to make promotional book marks for several international book stores. On one side is their info, on the other my promotion for SFI. I vary Wave3, Gift Card, ECA and SFI promotions.

2. Use capture pages. I use these capture pages:

sfiad - www.servethailand.com/SFI/CP_BM11877069.html
gift card - www.servethailand.com/SFI/Gift_Card_Build.html
wave3 - www.servethailand.com/SFI/W3_11877069.html

3. Purchase leads. I load purchased leads into Linkedin and into my autoresponder in order to communicate regularly with these leads. I purchase from a middle of the game company. There are better, but much more expensive sources. I think the cost quality ratio is about right for me. Free leads that are not a "free test" of a lead program are not always bad, but remember this axiom the more you pay the less you work. I get 5000 free leads a month. about 500 are good reliable leads. But finding those 500 is just too much work. I rather pay and get better leads.

Key #2 – Sorting Systems

Rejection is one of the biggest problems in this industry. Many networkers spend a tremendous amount of time with a prospect without bothering to qualify them. They then take it personally when a prospect says NO and decides not to join their business.

You can definitely “pound the ground” and grow a business this way, but it takes a heavy emotional toll on the networker. It’s tough to face rejection after rejection, day after day. This is why we HIGHLY suggest you implement systems that take much of the pain and rejection out of the process. Systems that sort the curious from the serious, so that you spend your time with people who are actually qualified and eager to work with your type of opportunity. These types of systems set you up for long-term success, and protects you from getting burned out and frustrated with the very prospects you’re trying to help!

How to you sort them?

You use the capture pages above to feed prospects into a very personalized auto responder system. In the past I would send someone a Gift Card. Then wait and wait for them to use it. After all they did ask for it. Now I "capture" them into a system. email one says I am checking their info. Email 2 tells them what they could buy. Email three says, "have you got your card yet? If not tell me, I will send it right away." At this point I receive an email that says, "Hey where is my card?" Now this prospect has double opted in. He is qualified at a starting level, At this time I send the card. Then when they sign up I email them the Wave opportunity and tell them I will send them 1.95 to buy the kit. If they buy (and they have) I then begin a mail campaign about SFI. If they convert they are usually very aggressive in their actions.

I use an auto responder and offer all my email campaigns to my fellow affiliates. Some use the same autoresponder and import my campaigns ready customized to their SFI ID and other personal information. Other don't want to use my autoresponder but still use my emails. They get my emails and re-write them so they are customized to their ID.

Key #3 – Duplication System

The whole goal of network marketing is leverage – leveraging time, leveraging capital, leveraging the efforts of others. If you don’t have a good Duplication System in place, you’ll just replace your downline every month or two. Your team will stagnate, growth will halt, and you’ll start to feel like you have a JOB rather than a business.

Have you experienced this you reach a certain number of EAs and you gain a new one this month but you also lose one this month. 

With SFI and well organized auto responders you can duplicate easily. I use my auto responder to train new affiliates in the basics. Then each advertising system I use I build a new campaign explaining to an affiliate how to use it. I also make all my mail campaigns available to my PSAs so they can effectively help their PSAs.

The results, Duplication in Ad platforms, duplication in follow up and resulting in duplication and growth in SFI/TC.

Building a successful SFI business will require persistence and determination. But with the right tools every job can be completed on time and within budget. 


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