The 5%er Mindset



Its a known fact that 5% of people in the world own more than 90% of the total wealth available (these figures may not be accurate but close enough). One of the modern day authors even said that if all the wealth were to be distributed equally among the people of this world, the 5% ers (as i would call them) will regain all the wealth within months and it would be back to square one. A very interesting theory.!!!! My reading on this fact led me to figure out 5 important attributes in terms of the mindset the 5%ers possess that differentiate them from the ordinary. These are as follows:

1. While ordinary people work for security (secure job, insurance, secure house, secure savings etc.) the 5ers work for freedom (financial and personal).
2. While ordinary people work for money, 5ers create wealth (assets that work for them even when they are not working or able to work).
3. While ordinary people look for instant gratification (linear increase in income over many years), the 5ers are ready to sacrifice immediate gains and wait for their day in the sun (delayed gratification or exponential increase in income over a shorter period).
4. While ordinary people use their own skill and time to earn (money stops when they stop), the 5ers use the power of leverage (others time x others skill, franchising, networking etc.) to build their income (money keeps coming even when they stop).
5. Finally the most important differentiation factor-While normal people try to figure what to do and how to make money the 5ers are more interested why they should make money. The purpose is more important than the method, or context is more important than content. Once the "Why" becomes non-negotiable, the what and how is easy to figure out.

Building a great business involves a primary change in mindset, the rest is knowledge and technique which can be learnt. The time required for every individual to attain success is the same from they time they make this change in mindset from an ordinary person to a 5%er. The magnitude of success depends on the magnitude of the dream.


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