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Eighteen Years and still FREE!

I have been in an online business for quite some time, and SFI is one of the  Best I have ever seen. Many online businesses come and go, but SFI has been  here for eighteen years and still keeps going strong.  We have so many opportunities to earn income in so many income streams  Literally free. When we think about it SFI is completely Free, and how can  I turn down this kind of opportunity? What we get over here for free will cost us  thousands of dollars if we were in another online business, the free training.  The lessons we get, the help from Forum as well as here ASK SC  Even the communication we have with our CEO Gery. 
Do you know in some online businesses, you can’t even get to the CEO  unless you are the platinum member which will cost you around $ 5000  Or more ?.  I experienced that before, they will flatly tell you that, don’t even  Bother to communicate with us unless you are up high like us, then  They will turn around and pressure you to invest that much. 
We don’t s…

Best Knowledge Based Tools

One of the best knowledge based tools for our SFI and TripleClicks business is the forum that was created for the SFI affiliates.

The easiest way to learn new things is to read all you can and our forum has posts listed that can answer almost every question you could come up with when needing an answer to something that has you stumped.

I would like to say that even if there were no points awarded for visiting the forum daily I would still visit the forum 3 or 4 times a day. If you are visiting the forum just for the single VersaPoint each day then that is all you will gain from using the forum – 1 point

To gain the most from the forum each day I purposely look for posts that will help me in building my SFI and TripleClicks business. When I find some new information that will help me or my team in having better success in what I am doing I will copy the information and put it in a file using windows. When I copy the post I will include who wrote the post and the link in where to find…

Use your smartphone to build a Work From Home-online business

SFI is a legitimate successful internet marketing business and can now be YOUR business AND you receive a paycheck from the first day you log in and work.

Imagine you are a new owner of a brick and mortar business.
(Did you know that a business franchise now costs at least $30,000?!)

For your new business, you will need:
1) Technical know-how to be able to run it and/or schooling to learn how. One year of business school is at least $150,000
2) More capital to pay for inventory, employees, rent, insurance, workers comp, utilities, advertising, etc.
3) On average, most new businesses take at least 5 - 7 years to make a PROFIT. This means you receive NO paycheck, but must keep paying out for the period of time it takes me make a profit.

With SFI all the tools and techniques are provided for you instantly!
You have FREE marketing tools and FREE courses that teach everything you need to know to make money.
You will not have to worry about, Inventory, deliveries, utilities, employees, or …

How can I help you

Hey.. I asked if I can help, because I know I can. Thanks again for reading my blog and looking at an opportunity tocreate more money in your life. ****************************** If you are the type of person that likes tocut to the chaseand wants tomake money todaythen you will want to... GO HERE NOW =>Grow a Second Income ****************************** I am sure you have met people in life who never get anywhere fast, the kind of people that just go with the flow. You know, people that just settle for what they've got. And then there are people thatwant better for themselves and their families. They want out of their cr@ppy job... They want to clear their debts... They want nicer things and more fun in their life... These are the people thatdo better, have better lives and arenot afraidto take on new challenges! The question is which one of the two are you? "If you always do what you have always done... then you will always get what you have always gotten." S…
SFI is introducing on Thursday our new "99¢ Cap" auctions.

Click the WOW banner to join!

Hello TripleClicks

Hello, TripleClicks! Meet TripleClicks.
Actually, we're sure you've already met this division of SFI, but there's much about TripleClicks (TC) you need to know, which we'll discuss today.
For starters, you may not be aware that TC launched on January 5th, 2009. You may also not be aware that your SFI affiliateship automatically includes a TC membership!
And we're just getting started with the products and offerings. We launched TC with approximately 6,000 products, but that was just the beginning. We've now grown to 84,266 products from 200 countries worldwide and are adding hundreds of new products weekly. We also now have downloadable music, auctions, games, a member rewards points system, and there's much more still in development!
You'll also be interested to know that because of how we built TC, virtually any type of product or service can be added. The sky's the limit!
Tip: You may have to log in when you visit TC (use your S…

Best Products to Purchase from TripleClicks

The best products to buy at TripleClicks if your objective is to build your SFI business are:

TCredits are the TC currency. You could use TCredits to bid in auctions, play games, list your items, redeem your TCredits on thousands of products at TripleClicks and download songs.
The best method is to have a standing order of at least 125 TCredits to maintain your leadership.

2- PSAs to Go:
You could strengthen your team and increase your potential earning power with a group of newly joined SFI affiliates.

3- S-Builder Co-op:
S-Builder gives you the ability to accelerate your success by purchasing shares in SFI's international, multi-channel advertising co-op.

4- TripleClicks Gift Cards:
Plastic gift cards come in packs of 30, feature an attractive TripleClicks logo design, and are redeemable for $12 each at

Offline and online recruiting

Offline and online recruiting are like a 'Play' and a 'Movie'. 

A Play directly interacts with the viewers (limited number of interested people) and the results are instant. 
In case of a movie, they have viewers from far and wide, in huge numbers but you cannot see or measure the response of the viewers immediately. 

A play's effect has a limited time span, that's you get the response only when the drama or the play is live. 
But in case of the movie, they release on different part of the world from time to time through various media and you get numerous viewers again and again! 

Offline recruiting give you an instant result; either positive or negative (most of the time) and the conversion rate is much better than the online recruiting. 
You get some quality affiliates, more loyal than unknown online recruits. But if your presentation is bad the result will be fatal, like in the case of a play! 
The time taken for recruiting a good team is considerably long and the …

NO Earthly Idea

SFI and any other online business is going to require time and money.
You are fooling yourself to think otherwise.

Most people jump from program to program thinking that the fault is in the program or the compensation plan or my sponsor is not supporting me properly yet profiting off of my efforts.
Now just to set the record straight unless you are one of the 2 percenters that are killing it in SFI then NO ONE is profiting from your efforts!!!!

There are tons of opportunities online and they all are basically alike except in this one element to the equation that makes all of the difference in the world - YOU!
No opportunity can guarantee success because it is up to YOU.
No opportunity is going to work until YOU do.
No one is going to profit from your efforts until YOU do.
That's all based on YOU.

However there is something to be said about different aspects of the comp plan, registration fees, products, and services.
This is what I can tell you. Regardless of the comp plan, or the…


PURJAVA Honduran Dark Roast - 8 oz. bottle

PurJava was developed from a search for coffee that had great coffee taste without the bitterness and acidity of regular brewed coffee. Coffee beans are obtained from growers and then shipped by air to ensure freshness.
PurJava concentrate is produced using a cold water process for a pure coffee taste. Water is filtered and then purified in a way that extracts the maximum amount of pure coffee flavor.
The concentrate produced using PurJava's proprietary process results in the smoothest concentrate available. The final step is pasteurization of the concentrate to ensure excellent flavor with an extended shelf-life.
PurJava is the smoothest coffee you've ever had with less than half the caffeine of regular brewed coffee.
PurJava Recipes:
PurJava Coffee Cheese Cake  Easy, sinful, decadent dessert 1 ounce PurJava, liquid coffee concentrate 2 - 8 ounce packages of cream cheese 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs 1 cup mini ch…

The Underused Wonder Vegetable: 16 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra

I just saw this article and had to post it.

Okra, also called gumbo or lady’s finger, is a tall, flowering plant that is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions around the world. It has been prized for centuries for its edible green pods, which transform into a thick, gooey mucilage once cooked. However, many cultures like to cook okra pods with acidic ingredients, such as lemon juice, which reduces their mucilage and makes them suitable for drier vegetable dishes.

Anti-diabetic properties — A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Bio allied Sciences in 2011 found that diabetic rats that were fed okra peels and seed powder over a 28 day period experienced a significant reduction in blood glucose levels compared to the control group. The researchers attributed this result to okra’s high fiber content, which “helps to stabilize blood sugar by regulating the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.”

Okra Nutrition Value

Besides being low in c…

What I love about SFI

It has given me the best ever opportunity to own my own business.I get free training and mentoring from SFI to do my business.SFI gives me my own free site to do my business. It allows me into a huge family of like-minded people to do business with.SFI effortlessly allows me to do business 24/7 in over 200 countries of the world.SFI provides all necessary tools free of charge for me to do my business.SFI guarantees and protects my business from fraud and scams.SFI practically leads me by the hand to run my business.I get paid commissions from just being active in SFI.SFI puts my business out there worldwide 24/7 saving me a lot of hassles.And wait for it! The very best part, I can earn residual income for life from the little things I did in my SFI business in the past. If you would like the freedom of owning your own business CLICK HERE

Get out of your rut!

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. 
The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. 
Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel di…

My Dream Team at SFI

My Dream Team
Click any Photo to Join anyone you like!.
Sandra Brown, New Zealand - Kamel Selmane, Algeria - Chrishantha Perera, Sri Lanka - Erlinda Saw, Germany - Ian P Stuart , United Kingdom.

Is it Possible?

One can most definitely build SFI business without money to invest, but it will require hard work, great patience and perseverance and time to produce result.

There has never been a requirement to spend in SFI, but to earn income by following the well-laid out procedures in SFI Basics and the utilising the power tools and free training in marketing and promoting SFI and TripleClicks products and services.

Although having some start-up funds to invest almost always helps when starting any new business, brick & mortar building or online.

You can still earn commissions with SFI without spending any money. 
There are many free strategies outlined in the marketing aids and marketing methods sections.

An Affiliate’s SFI ID is embedded within the URLs in the banners, text ads, and other marketing aids and can be used to reach people who are not yet SFI affiliates or TripleClicks members.

We need to do the Daily, Monthly, and Weekly tasks without delay.

By simply collecting at least 1,500 Versa…


There are two types of VersaPoints (VP) namely: Action VersaPoints (AVP) and Sales VersaPoints (SVP). 
VersaPoints are to measure your activities on a monthly basis to work out your commissions check or pay-out,
to understand more about this go to the benefit chart at 
and If you want to increase your VersaPoints and rank go to the Plan at 

That is why at the beginning of each month the VersaPoints are reset to zero because each month Affiliates get
to restart with a fair chance by collecting new VersaPoints so as to re-qualify for their ranks in SFI.
It is all about starting fresh each month to earn for another month. Another way of looking at it,
consider VP as hours worked for the month.
If you work for a company they do not accumulate your monthly hours and carry them over to the next month, do they?

That is my 2 cents for today!

How do I make money with TripleClicks?

TripleClicks is like any other online store you see on the internet these days.
But the good thing is, if you are an SFI affiliate, you can earn from everything that is being sold on TripleClicks.

At this point you might be thinking you heard me wrong. "Everything? Surely not everything? We earn only on those sales we make"

Aha! Think again! 
We practically earn from everything. How you ask?
1) The TripleClicks Executive Pool obviously. Your rank determines how many shares you will receive from the TC Executive Pool. Therefore, start racking up those AVPs.
2) From Direct Commissions and Co-Sponsor Commissions. Therefore start building your team.
3) From PRMs. Start promoting TripleClicks to those avid shoppers out there.
4) From ECAs. Start promoting the ECA programme to businesses, stores, etc.

TripleClicks can be compared to shopping an International Mall from the comfort of your couch. The best part, if you are an affiliate of SFI you own a share of the company.

1. Tripl…

How to become executive affiliate with less than $10

1- Log daily into SFI and press the red buttons of To- Do- Lists after reading the information to get 12 VP. Don’t forget to vote for ten questions daily and answer 20 survey questions. You can get 460VP or 472VP every month.

2- Do the weekly actions every week and get 38VP every week or 152VP every month.

3- Do the monthly actions at the beginning of the month and get 15VP.

4- Now you gather 629 and you still need 871VP

6- Now you still need 471VP.. Buy 5 individual TCredits for less than 10 dollars and get 102 VP for each and 510 for all.

7- Now you have more than 1500 VP and you become Executive Affiliate.

8- congratulation for becoming EA.. And best wishes to become TL

TripleClicks What is it?

Image was launched on January 28, 2010.
In short, it's unlike anything you've seen before at SFI: a state-of-the-art e-commerce community FULLY integrated with the SFI system, opening up earning opportunities as never before possible for affiliates around the world!
Your SFI affiliateship automatically includes a TC membership webprotal and access to more than 90,000+ products lining its virtual shelves, with new products being added daily.

Through, you'll find products in a wide variety of categories, including:
Antiques & Collectibles; Apparel; Arts & Crafts; Books; Business; Computers; Digital Downloads; Education; Electronics; Food & Beverage; Gifts & Flowers; Health & Wellness; Home & Garden; Jewelry; Magazine Subscriptions; Miscellaneous; Movies, Music & Games; Personal Care & Beauty; Pet Care; Phone & Accessories; Real Estate; Romance; SFI; Sports & Outdoors; TCredits; Tools & Automotive; Toys,…

Installing a banner on blog

Here are the steps:
1. Go to and find this: "For installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog." and choose one of banners
2. Copy HTML code of that banner you have chosen
3. Go to and sign in
4. Find and choose "Layout"
5. Click "add gadget", choose " HTML/JavaScript"
5. Click + and paste code of banner
6. Hit save
Go to your VP Ledger, click on the Banner link called "installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog". This will take you to a page that has a box where you put your blog link in.
Copy your blog URL and paste it in this box, click on the button.
SFI will verify it in a few seconds and you should receive your 100 VPs.

How To Clean The Inside Of The Oven

How to clean your oven the right way
What You'll Need:
A small bowl Water
Spray bottle
Baking soda
A rag

How To Clean The Inside Of The Oven  Mix a couple spoons of baking soda with some water in the bowl.
Mix it into a paste that is easily spreadable on the oven's dirty surfaces.
Remove the racks and spread the paste on the inside of the oven.
You can also use it in the racks of needed. Watch the baking soda turn brown.
For best results, let it sit overnight.
Try to leave it for about 12 hours before you remove the paste from the dirty surfaces.. When ready,
take a wet rag and wipe out the baking soda. For additional cleaning, you can use the vinegar.
Put it in the spray bottle and spritz it on the surfaces where there are still residues of baking soda.
Do the same for the racks. Use a wet rag to wipe.
Wipe with a wet rag. Put the racks back into the oven.
Turn on the oven on a low temperature for 10-15 minutes until dry.
Read More:…