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Rise up like a Phoenix

Maree Wells  
New Zealand
E365 Runner Up

Gold Fast-Track

SFI. Starting 2017 Right... Maree's Words of encouragement.
I thought I would share the information I just shared with my team.

At SFI if your sponsor is not communicating.
YOU can always check SFI Forum for tips and ideas.

Start 2017 RIGHT > Wipe the slate clean and start this year FRESH.....
Personally I feel you need to lead by example.
I would not expect any of my team to do anything I am not doing.

You need to start with A Daily Planner from the the very first month. 
Setting the example that your future Affiliates will follow.
Put YOUR Plan Of PLAY Into Action. Share with your team.
So they can duplicate the same system.

Who wants to win $50?

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Scroll down to Biz Quiz. And Answer todays Question.
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SFI Team Leader - James Obrenski - Me without the wrapper

Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Subject Line Templates

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Your email subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. That’s because it has one job: to get attention and get the open. If it fails, your entire email fails. So how do you write an awesome email subject line? Simple – just fill in the blanks on the following templates! Take a look… 1. [Something bad happened]—now what?
Example: Your product launch bombed – now what? 2. [Option 1 or Option 2] – which is better?
Example: PPC or Facebook ads – which is better? 3. Last chance: [get some benefit/discount/etc]!
Example: Last chance to get 75% off! 4. [This thing] disappears in 24 hours…
Example: This $50 off coupon code disappears in 24 hours… 5. [Buy something now] and save [$X amount]…
Example: Buy Contentaire now save $25… 6. How to [get a benefit] on a shoestring budget…
Example: How to start a business on a shoestring budget… 7. How absolutely anyone can [Get a Benefit]…
Example: How absolutely anyone can write a…