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How do I make money with TripleClicks?

TripleClicks is like any other online store you see on the internet these days.
But the good thing is, if you are an SFI affiliate, you can earn from everything that is being sold on TripleClicks.

At this point you might be thinking you heard me wrong. "Everything? Surely not everything? We earn only on those sales we make"

Aha! Think again! 
We practically earn from everything. How you ask?
1) The TripleClicks Executive Pool obviously. Your rank determines how many shares you will receive from the TC Executive Pool. Therefore, start racking up those AVPs.
2) From Direct Commissions and Co-Sponsor Commissions. Therefore start building your team.
3) From PRMs. Start promoting TripleClicks to those avid shoppers out there.
4) From ECAs. Start promoting the ECA programme to businesses, stores, etc.

TripleClicks can be compared to shopping an International Mall from the comfort of your couch. The best part, if you are an affiliate of SFI you own a share of the company.

1. Tripl…

How to become executive affiliate with less than $10

1- Log daily into SFI and press the red buttons of To- Do- Lists after reading the information to get 12 VP. Don’t forget to vote for ten questions daily and answer 20 survey questions. You can get 460VP or 472VP every month.

2- Do the weekly actions every week and get 38VP every week or 152VP every month.

3- Do the monthly actions at the beginning of the month and get 15VP.

4- Now you gather 629 and you still need 871VP

6- Now you still need 471VP.. Buy 5 individual TCredits for less than 10 dollars and get 102 VP for each and 510 for all.

7- Now you have more than 1500 VP and you become Executive Affiliate.

8- congratulation for becoming EA.. And best wishes to become TL

TripleClicks What is it?

Image was launched on January 28, 2010.
In short, it's unlike anything you've seen before at SFI: a state-of-the-art e-commerce community FULLY integrated with the SFI system, opening up earning opportunities as never before possible for affiliates around the world!
Your SFI affiliateship automatically includes a TC membership webprotal and access to more than 90,000+ products lining its virtual shelves, with new products being added daily.

Through, you'll find products in a wide variety of categories, including:
Antiques & Collectibles; Apparel; Arts & Crafts; Books; Business; Computers; Digital Downloads; Education; Electronics; Food & Beverage; Gifts & Flowers; Health & Wellness; Home & Garden; Jewelry; Magazine Subscriptions; Miscellaneous; Movies, Music & Games; Personal Care & Beauty; Pet Care; Phone & Accessories; Real Estate; Romance; SFI; Sports & Outdoors; TCredits; Tools & Automotive; Toys,…

Installing a banner on blog

Here are the steps:
1. Go to and find this: "For installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog." and choose one of banners
2. Copy HTML code of that banner you have chosen
3. Go to and sign in
4. Find and choose "Layout"
5. Click "add gadget", choose " HTML/JavaScript"
5. Click + and paste code of banner
6. Hit save
Go to your VP Ledger, click on the Banner link called "installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog". This will take you to a page that has a box where you put your blog link in.
Copy your blog URL and paste it in this box, click on the button.
SFI will verify it in a few seconds and you should receive your 100 VPs.