How To Start With Classified Ads:

How To Start With Classified Ads:
    Step 1:

    Make a list of the sites to submit to.

    CraigsList is the biggest, but here are a few others you should try too:

    Yahoo Classifieds
    My Space Classifieds
    Yellow Pages
    Warrior Forum

    And Google Classified Ads in your niche.

    Visit these sites and look in the section suitable for your niche.

    Step 2.

    Write A Short Ad

    All you need is a compelling title and (if there’s room) some exciting text.  Spend a while looking at the
    ad’s on Craigs List to get some ideas (you’ll see a lot of BAD ads too!)

    All you are aiming for – is to get a visitor to click on your ad – that’s all!  Doing so – they will be taken
    to your site.  This is the one and only aim of a classified ad – to drive more traffic to your site.

    Note how I try and make them as eye catching as possible.

    You can also place IMAGE ads on Craigs List – but someone will only see the image if they click on the   
    headline first.  So you need to make the headline as exciting as possible (as I've attempted to do above).

    If you have tracking software installed on your website (such as Google Analytics) you can track
    individual traffic sources. It's quite an amzing feeling to place an ad on Craigs List - in (lets say) London
    - and then 24 hours later be able to see that 30 people have come to your site because of this ad.
Hope this was helpful,
James Obrenski


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